Build state of the art scheduling software, for web & app (IOS and Android)

Status: Slutfört  
Skapat av: areabiba Sweden (2020-08-16)
Projektutförare: Slutfört
Deadline: Så fort som möjligt (ingen satt deadline)
Antal bud: 4 st
IT/web: .NET, Android, C#, C++, iPhone, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Övrigt


Hej, nedan följer en arbetsbeskrivning på engelska.

The project itself is not unique and fairly straight forward. The customer is a financial institution where I am employed and it's a matter of delivering a software solution that's better than one now. The customer is waiting for my solution and there is a big market for the business to grow.

I need help with building a stable, intuitive scheduling tool. As time progresses more advanced features will be added and usually I will be able to instruct you on what to develop. I welcome you to join me and at this initial stage, you should see this as a few months project (could be years).

Depending on your experience level, I can agree to paying you a limited salary in this stage but my hope in the end is for you to take a place of a software developer (paid full time) within the future team and run the "R&D" department while I focus on the rest. This involves everything from hiring new talents within your department, providing creative solutions to arising challenges and requesting to fund new ideas and projects. The position can be done remotely. One time payment freelance kind of fashion is welcomed as well, but I truly hope one sees the value in seeking a long term commitment.

Preferably you have several years of software development behind you and know who to ask and how to go about developing on all three platforms. However I mainly ask for a curious mind, consistency and professionalism. I care for your well being and I understand if you have a family, full time job/other projects or studies that you need to balance out this project with.

Feel free to reach out and we'll take it from there! I am based in Stockholm, Sweden. You availability is important, not your geographic location. Or if you know someone else who is suitable for this project I welcome your recommendations.

An MVP must include Web, iOS and Android. In that order. I welcome all contributions at this initial stage as this has to get developed within near future.

Allt gott!



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