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Name: Paolo Surname: Lulli Nationality: Italian (EU Citizen) Date of Birth: April 8, 1978 Place of Birth: Palestrina (Roma), Italy Email: Mobile: +46 765549748 (Sweden) +39 3286685449(Italy)
Introduction I am an experienced Java/J2EE Senior Software Developer with 14 years in the commercial IT industry including: financial, telco, automotive and IT industries. Throughout my career I have built up excellent Java programming skills including design patterns and software lifecycle management. I like to work in unix environment and, together with my programming skills, I have been using, developing and administering a plethora of Unix/Linux installs and services for the last 20 years. I am good at scripting either in shell, or Perl, or Python. Into every project of mine I am putting a constant effort to keep the quality high. This includes, where non mentioned, the adoption of principles of Agile programming. I favor a TDD approach, in order to have any component tested before any formal release. In the context where this is possible (most of the multi-developers environments), I have been performing pair programming with great benefits for quality enhancements.


1997- - Universita' degli studi 'La Sapienza' di Roma, course in Aerospace Engineering - 4 exams left. 1992-1997 Liceo Classico C. Eliano, Palestrina (Roma)

Skills Programming languages: PHP , Java/J2ee , Groovy, Scala, Perl/shell scripting , Unix Administration, Objective-C ,Python ,C,,C++ ,Design Patterns , Android IDE:   Eclipse , Intellij Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase, Cassandra, MongoDB Source Control:GIT, Subversion, CVS Operating Systems: Linux, Android, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX Servers:  Apache Tomcat, Jboss, Websphere, Weblogic Web Services:  JAX-RPC, Axis, SOAP Other:   JDBC, JUnit, JIRA, VMWare, VirtualBox, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data,Play , Hibernate, JPA, Maven, ant, etc.

Employment History

JEE Senior Developer (Contractor c/o Ericsson AB , Karlskrona, Sweden )      From July 2016 (current) Consultant for HiQ c/o Ericsson AB. Working as developer on the strategical project Revenue Manager. As Senior Developer I am responsible for: Software analysis and implementation Code reviews Software lifecycle management Debugging and Problem solving Key Technology used: Java, JEE , OSGI stack, gerrit, git, Maven, CassandraDB, ZooKeper

JEE Software Developer (Freelance c/o Axed Technology SRL)      From June 2012 to June 2016 Consultant for Axed Technology , the company is making Business Intelligence solutions for the automotive industry. My role is the one of developing ETL solutions, via core Java / JDBC technology to access several different database technologies. MySQL, Oracle, JDBC, various framework (Hibernate, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVC, etc.) . Key Projects: ETLQueryEngine: a programmable remote query extraction engine. Android development Exposing data over webservices to PHP frontend and dashboards Adjust legacy code to keep compliance with Ford guidelines, reversing engineering of legacy code, quality improvement and adding new features.
Oracle, MySQL Db install, config, administration. Db development. Porting MySQL code to Oracle Mailserver configuration and administration (postfix) Concurrency management . As Senior J2EE Software Analyst I am responsible for: Overview of operations deployments to production servers Code reviews for junior developers Debugging and Problem solving Key Technology used: J2EE (5), Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Hibernate, JMS, Web services (JAX-RPC, Axis, SOAP), Apache Tomcat, Oracle, MySQL

Senior J2EE Software Developer (Contract c/o StepJob SRL)– November 2010 July 2011 Senior Java consultant over various projects: Consultant c/o Seteco CM SICEF Project (working for the italian PA) Consultant c/o Engineering, CONSOB project (CONSOB is an important entity that supervises banks in Italy) As Senior J2EE Software Developer I was responsible for: Implementation of new features, debugging issues Overview of operations deployments to production servers Key Technology used: Spring,Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Struts, Oracle, JPA, Unix LDAP, MySQL, SVN, CVS administration, Ibatis, Oracle

Senior Software Developer (Contract c/o Euweb Initiatives - – September 2010 October 2011 Software development for an internet provider / DNS registrar As Senior Developer I was responsible for: implementing new features implementing standards to comply with new DNS registrars guidelines mentoring transition to web 2.0 for legacy code Key Technology used: Perl, Unix, Java, PHP,, Javascript, . SOAP webservices. Unix System Administration

Senior J2EE Developer (Permanent role c/o Quinary SpA - ex Linklab SRL) -May 2008- June 2010 Senior Java consulting on several projects for customers both on the PA and the telco industry: Consultancy for PosteItaliane about Architectures/architectural patterns. Giving advice about vertical scalability, horizontal scalability. Dealing with issues in legacy architectures, advising technology changes when needed, suggesting proven architectures for new developments. Dealing with legacy architectures. Development of IT solutions and infrastructure. SOA architectures and interoperability in between enterprise platforms. Application benchmark. Many different projects. Vertical approach and scalability. Consultancy for PosteCom: J2EE Software development. PosteItaliane Web 2.0 webmail. Java/J2EE webservices (Apache Axis 1.x and 2.x) Javascript, AJAX, SOAP, Solaris 10.

Consultancy for Engineering SPA : 'Polis' software development in a Linux/Java environment. PA software to manage resources for italian 'comuni'. Consultancy for ANCITEL : SGATE Project (ANCITEL is the italian network of 'comuni') Key Technology used: Java J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Tomcat, Maven, ANT, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle , SOAP, SAP, JAXP, XMLBeans, Struts, etc. Senior J2EE Developer (Permanent role c/o Altay Holding SpA ) -December 2006- May 2008 As Senior Developer I was responsible for: implementing new features on Compiere OpenERP co-ordinating migration strategies between different areas of the company Oracle backup strategies adoption of an open ERP solution, feature enhancement and implementation Key Technology used: Java J2EE, Spring, Tomcat, Maven, ANT, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle , SOAP, SAP, JAXP, XMLBeans, Struts, etc. J2EE Developer (Permanent role c/o Energee3) -August 2004- November 2006 Senior Java consultant over various projects and different customers. BNL Multiservizi : Enterprise Java development for BNL with code versioning. IBM WSAD. Use of Java-JDBC to interface Oracle databases. I.T.Telecom/Santa Palomba: Software development in JAVA/J2EE. Solaris platform and BEA. Weblogic; shell scripting and configuration management. (Tim/MSC project). Mentoring new developers for plug-in addons. Pride s.p.a. : MSC Project installs on a Bea/Solaris clustered environment. Support to testers. As Senior Developer I was responsible for: Implementing new features Code analysis, bug solving Solaris and Oracle administration

PERL Developer (Freelance c/o Hewelett Packard ) -March 2004- July 2004 The job consisted in consulting for TIM SpA for prepaid and Value Added Services. PERL implementation of plugins for HP OpenView. Key Technology used: HP OpenView, Perl , HP-UX, Linux, Oracle,Solaris OS. Freelance      From January 2002 (current) Since the beginning of my career I kept investing some time on smaller side projects, in order to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, as well as growing a network of direct working contacts, from which I got over time both satisfaction and good feedback. Some of the technologies I had opportunity to use extensively NoSQL, with MongoDB, orientDB, and search engine technologies such as ElasticSearch, Sphinx. I have extensively used AWS for all of my projects, both for prototiping and storage. Key Projects: Several projects as freelance c/o MobileSoft: Mobile Software Development and server side. Implementation of a Blackberry push Server.
c/o ISA Sicurezza SRL: Android applications, embedded software development, MCU programming in C, Atmel AVR. Project to monitor and enhance worker's integrity within the work environment. RFID data retrieval, processing and metadata tagging. c/o IOT Flowers: MQTT and IOT solution implementation of ESP8266 prototypes with platformio / MCU C programming. Remote control and monitoring for swimming pool water quality management. c/o senior PERL developer and unix system maintenance. Responsible for the internal data processing of images and customer data. c/o NEI / Nuova Editrice Italiana : responsible for the web edition of the monthly paper: c/o : linux cluster administration, AWS maintenance (EC2, S3,etc.) Javascript frontend development Interests Reading, Social Coding (v.: Web Radio


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