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Namn: Johan Bouveng
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Senast inloggad: 2021-11-09 - Agile & pragmatic web developer

(info in eng for international clients)

Hello Im 33, Swedish , i live on a small tropical island in Western Visayas, Philippines. I have been working the internets on and off since 1998.

I consider myself being a swiss army knife of pragmatic, agile, fresh and modern web development with a strong focus on web standards and best practices. Im also a good teacher and evangelist type of person who loves to spread my knowledge, techniques and skills alongs my colleagues. Besides this I tend to build a fun and healty atmosphere around me.

A list of skills also available at:

I do the following:

  • 100% valid, semantic and performance optimized (X)HTML in all !doctypes available.
  • Highly efficient CSS2(3), degradable if needed.
  • All kinds of JS mastery. Native JS, jQuery, Prototype, etc. Development of own libs. DOM manipulations, AJAX, animations. Widgets. XSS. JSON. YQL (mashups and data syndication). Feature detection. Datauri's. API's. Event delegation. All JS that is needed in a modern web environment. 100% unobtrusive and clean. Font replacement techniques. All js degradable if needed.
  • PHP in a context where it makes sense. Im no back end guy, but I can build things in PHP in a proper way if I need, no matter if this is a DIBS integration (scandinavian payment provider), a little search engine or something database related.
  • MySQL
  • Wordpress, themes, plugins, CMS-themes, customizations, etc.
  • Good knowledge of optimizations techniques in html,css,js and web in general. Sprites, requests, lazy loading. If I can serve a page in 0.3ms in one HTTP request im a happy man. Besides, I have a strong believe that web performance is 2010's next competitive selling point since a larger and larger amount of clients is smartphones.
  • I know a lot about user interaction design, which helps me to spot design errors at an early stage.
  • I can design things, I have good eyes for design and I have my feet in both worlds, acting as a bridge between design and technology.
  • I have very good skills in photoshop and similar design tools focused for screen based media.
  • Media production such as still photography and movie production.
  • Social Media buzz, and all that 'static' that occurs on the net.
  • OOP-en minded development techniques.
  • Open source in favor for licensed software.
  • *nix management, administration, security.
  • Bug tracking, issue tracking, SVN. XP (Extreme Programming). Short development iterations. etc.
  • I have a great network of industry professionals that I have met and learned a lot from and continuously draw upon: John Resig, Douglas Crockford, Nicole Sullivan, Christian Heilmann, Mark Wubben, Thomas Fuchs and Steve Souders to name a few.
  • contains additional information.

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