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KARAM S. TANNOUS 9205 Ridge Blvd. Apt. #5C, Brooklyn, New York 11209 Cell (917) 204-8103, Email: Ostazkaram@gmail.com

I am an enthusiastic Arabic/English Interpreter/ Translator with a background in legal/medical/educational and social media and entertainment. I am highly organized, efficient, and an excellent communicator who has a solid cultural knowledge of the Middle East and N. Africa. My experience includes strong written and verbal skills with proven experience in instruction, translation, interpreting, subtitling, voiceover, and cultural consulting.


1992 - Present Freelance Arabic Translator and Interpreter Legal: Federal, NY State and City Court System, INS, EBT Nonprofit and Human Rights Educational: Board of Ed Media: TV networks, radio stations and newspapers Medical: hospitals and clinics On site interpreting in different kinds of settings such as: courts, Hospitals, shelters, Schools, INS, homes. Translating, and back translating. Proofreading, editing, a variety of documents: Hospital discharge consent forms, patients information sheets, Emergency cards, legal reports, School intake forms, Immigration forms, articles, reported news etc

Spring 2006 – Present New School Department of Foreign Languages New York City Instructor of Arabic language

Fall 2015 – Present College of Staten Island Department of Modern Languages and Literatures New York City Instructor of Arabic

March 2017- May 2017 Discover Ready/Amazon Document Reviewer/Arabic translator

Fall 2008 – spring 2016 Seton Hall University Department of Asian Studies New Jersey Instructor/coordinator of The Arabic Program Developed advanced courses; Assisted in developing a Minor in Arabic Studies

Fall 2012 – June 2015 John Jay College Department of Modern Languages New York Instructor of Arabic

Fall of 2012 BBC- The World Interpreting for Syrian Puppet Show “Masaset Matta”

Fall of 2011 Khalil Gibran International Academy Mentoring and Developing curriculum for teaching Arabic

Spring 2010 – Fall 2011 Fordham University Department of Modern Languages Arabic Instructor

Fall 2005 –Spring 2009 Stuyvesant High School Department of Foreign languages New York City Instructor of Arabic language Developed an Arabic teaching program.

Fall 2004 – Fall 2008 Baruch College New York City Instructor of Arabic language

Fall 2004 – Fall 2010 NAAP- Network of Arab American Professionals New York City Implemented and taught Arabic

06/2004 – 09/2008 Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911”, Film “The Sons of Sakhnin”, Film “in the Footsteps of Jesus” Voiceover, Translation and Transcription

09/2003 – 11/2003 Center for Immigrant Health-NYU Medical Center Training Arabic-speaking health advocates/interpreters

10/2003 – 6/2004 Rennert Bilingual New York Arabic instructor

11/2002- 09/2003 Lutheran Medical Center Brooklyn, New York Outreach/case worker Interpret at Orientations for new immigrants/refugees, help with the enrollment in adult education, fill out job applications, help finding and using community resources, act as a cultural broker for clients and prepare UCRs.

02/1999 – 06/2008 Alwan Center of the Arts New York Implemented an Arabic language program [Modern Standard and Spoken Levantine Arabic]

09/1998 – 03/2002 Department of Justice- US Attorney Southern Dist. New York (United States V. Bin Laden) Linguistic Specialist/Translator/transcriber - Perform interpreting/translating assignments using in-depth knowledge of English and Arabic with word continuity and grammatical construction, which convey exact meaning of the original language, either written or spoken. - Research technical data concerning subjects being interpret or translate. Make written notes and prepare reports pertinent to the work performed. Establish and maintain files of language reference materials. - Translates documents, presentations, correspondence, forms, and other written material from English to Arabic and Arabic to English using Word. - Demonstrate effective translation (written/spoken) from Arabic to English and English to Arabic - Excellent ability to understand the use of various expressions, idioms and specific vocabulary and become aware of diverse styles of writing and social stratification of both source and target languages. - Strong computer skills on different computer programs in Arabic and English, Good understanding of IT technical terms. - Familiar with culture concepts, usage and expressions of Arabic language being interpreted, including dialects and accents of the Arabic language. - Use translation proficiency by using different sources such as bilingual dictionaries and encyclopedias. - Excellent record keeping, maintain records of materials translated

05/2001 – 08/2001 Witness New York City Volunteer translator

07/1998 - 07/2001 The Committee to Protect Journalists New York City Research Associate Documenting violations of the press and attacks on journalists in the Middle East and North Africa. Translation of reports and newsletters and interpreting for visiting journalists and human rights activists.

01/1999 – 01/2000 Oxford University Press Translation and editing of the English-Arabic Oxford Picture Dictionary

01/1998 –01/1999 Ittihad Brooklyn, NY Volunteer Networking and organizing fundraising events for the organization Educating the community about social, cultural and educational issues

11/1995 - 11/1996 N.Y Immigration Hotline New York City Immigration counselor for the Arabic-speaking communities rendering information on immigration issues and making referrals to various institutions. Translation and interpreting services.

03/1995 - 06/1999 Board of Education New York City Certified Bilingual teacher. Implemented and taught an after-school Arabic program and providing translation services to the Board of Education in Brooklyn.

09/1994 - 02/1995 Arab American Family Support Center New York City Case Worker, Teacher of English as a Second Language and a translator/Interpreter

Advocacy and referrals to shelter, legal services and other agencies; Counseling and crisis intervention Assistance to children with school, daycare, court, health services advocacy; Referrals to shelter, legal services and other agencies; Information regarding police domestic violence units, court, Crime Victims Board and other procedures; Support groups for domestic violence victims; Information on emergency financial assistance; Information about emergency housing transfers within the New York City Housing Authority; Empowering women through ESL with survival skills, awareness with cultural difference and learning job skills. Offering translation and interpreting services to members of the Arabic speaking community as well as cultural consultation to city and state agencies.

08/1993 – 09/1997 International Rescue Committee New York City Teacher of English as a Second Language Implemented English courses to help refugees with their day-to-day life, their adjustment to new culture and learning job skills

01/1993 - 09/1995 Berlitz School of Languages New York City Teacher of Arabic and English

01/1991 - 08/1992 United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency (UNRWA), Jerusalem Translator

09/1990 - 03/1991 YMCA Jerusalem Taught Arabic to none-native speakers


05/2016 - 05/2017 New School University TESOL Certificate

Summer of 2014 Penn State University- Pennsylvania Seminar on StarTalk methodology in teaching Arabic

Summer of 1995 Fordham University- New York, USA Summer program in ESL-Bilingual Studies

09/1989 – 06/1992 Mt. Scopus University - Jerusalem Degree: Masters in Criminology and Arabic

09/1985 - 05/1989 San Francisco State University - California, USA Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Journalism

09/1982 - 05/1985 Skyline College - San Bruno, California, USA Degree: Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies

SKILLS Over 28 years of teaching MSA and Colloquial Arabic, Criminal Justice system and Legal knowledge; Interpreting/translation with familiarity of several Arabic Dialects; Board of Education certification in Bilingual Studies; Community activism in the field of human rights and community organizing. Windows, PowerPoint, Word-processing

SPECIALIZATION -Translator: - Specialized in translating: Legal documentation, including contracts and patents; technical; medical, pharmaceutical; marketing; human resources documentation; -Interpreter/Transcriber: - Consecutive, Conference, Voice talent, Voice-over, Subtitling and Escort Interpreter (I do understand most Arabic dialects) -Editor/Tester/QA Service – Editing and testing localized software applications and other translators’ work. Quality Assurance service to ensure the final deliverable is error-free and follows the strictest guidelines of the client and is language sound. I also offer linguistic and cultural reviewing -Consultant: -I have extensive knowledge in the history, culture, government structures, religions, and politics of the Middle Eastern countries – Research -Marketing –Advertisement -Arabic Language Instructor:-Arabic language courses (MSA and colloquial) and curriculum development

ORGANIZATIONS ATA (American Translators Association), New York Circle of Translators, NAJIT, Arab American Teachers of Arabic

LANGUAGES Fluent in English, Hebrew and Arabic

LEGAL STATUS Citizen of the United States of America


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