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Massimo Bonasorte, Måns Bryntessonsgatan 17 A 41503 Göteborg - mobile: +46 760488809 E-mail:

Classical studies – School Giosuè Carducci, Rome, Italy University - Humanities degree “La Sapienza”, Rome Specialization in Semitic Epigraphy, Archeology, history and languages of Ancient Near East and Mediterranean areas Universiteit Leiden - Coursera. Validate Certificate Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice University of Edinburgh - Coursera. Validate Certificate Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life University of Edinburgh - Coursera. Validate Certificate AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery University of Barcelona," Magic in the Middle Ages Event Manager Course - Accademia Domani ( Foundation Diploma in Sport Nutrition, Shaw Academy ( Foundation Diploma in Photography, Shaw Academy ( Foundation of Digital Journalism ODG Web Journalism and Blogging – Firstmaster.

Languages Swedish A1 (I livello) Folkuniversitet, Göteborg. Spanish I level, Istituto Cervantes, Rome - Arabic classic Pontificio Istituto Biblico of Rome (I level).

Work Experience Since 2003 I worked as writer for many publishers and as proof reader. In 2006 I became a journalist and member of the Professional Order of Italian Journalist ( HYPERLINK "" As freelance I have worked for a lot of magazines and after a while I started to have important roles in some of them, first as editor in chief and later as director. Mainly my job area was (and still is) in the field of archaeology and science. I have developed a lot of collaborations also with radio stations and television channels, both for programs and documentaries. Beside these jobs I worked as judo instructor for many schools, teaching kids and of course in martial arts clubs to adults both agonistic and not agonistic. In 2010 I came to Sweden to create my own publishing company, Massimo Bonasorte Förlag together with an art director, and I started to work in the Scandinavian market with a lot of bloggers, scientists, photographers, journalists and translators. You can see our main magazine Veritas Arcana on

Certifications I have the grade of black belt, 3 dan of judo certified from FIJLKAM (the italian martial art federation - Trainer certified for teaching judo from FIJLKAM Instructor certified of Self Defence Method M.G.A. (Global Method of Self defence), that we teach in Polizia, Carabinieri, and to the jail police forces,  certified from FIJLKAM Personal Trainer - and Curso superior nutricion deportiva achieved with spanish Company Inn Formacion ( Krav Maga improvised weapon course and street fighting MDS Method certified from the italian krav maga association.

Skills As journalist I use to work under pressure so I developed a great skill to problem solving. I always managed people and I like to work in team and in an international environment. I have a lot of experience in magazines and interviews. I can write about history, science, archaeology, tourism, food and anthropology.

As trainer I learnt how to motivate people and help them to grow first of all mentally and physically. Working as self defence instructor you have to learn how to look at the world around you from another perspective and how to deal with the fears and the limits of the people your are working with. Finally my experience in teaching to kids helped me to grow in understanding the body language.


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