2 st AI projekt

Status: Slutfört  
Skapat av: AndersJ Sweden (2021-12-10)
Projektutförare: Slutfört
Deadline: Så fort som möjligt (ingen satt deadline)
Antal bud: Inga bud
Översättning/journalistik: Finska, Svenska


Two gigs available.
1. Test mediaplayers ad smart home assistants.
2. AI costumer service calls.
AI project testing smart assistants and mediaplayers.
We are currently looking for households with 2 to 7 members (couples, friends, cohabitants) to help us improve the voice recognition engines for smart home entertainment devices.
Task description:
The household will get smart home assistants and media players with the latest technology from one of the big tech brands.
Each household member registered for the project must interact with the units approximately 10 times per day during the test period.
18 years or older (2 persons over 18)
OS other than Android on one of the phones or tablets.
TV or monitor with at least one HDMI port to connect the digital media player
Swedish as native language and resident in Sweden
Finnish as native language and resident in Finland.
How to register:
To participate, enter a member of your household to act as the main participant and enter all other participants in the registration form.
Up to 6 household members can be added to the registration form.
Be sure to provide an address that we can use to ship the hardware.
Each subsequent household member, who is not a main participant, must complete a short form as additional participants via the same link.
After test period you get to keep the devices valued at 200-400 USD.
AI voice project. Record fake customer service calls over zoom (audio only) payment 150 euro for 5 hours of audio.
Swedish participants only.
More info: https://mailchi.mp/73afedbbf58a/new-ai-voice-gig
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