Status: Slutfört  
Skapat av: artofyellow Sweden (2020-07-22)
Projektutförare: Slutfört
Deadline: Så fort som möjligt (ingen satt deadline)
Antal bud: 1 st
IT/web: 3D Visualisering


The required work is an artwork of a people as the Simpsons characters with the required shapes, proportions, coloring, shadowing, clothing and some extra accessorizing on the provided background that is already sketched. The photos of people will be given to you with the details.

Earnings per character(per person or per pet) sketch: $3-4 (full body/ half body/ pet)
Earnings per custom background: $6

You are required to draw the example photo as a Simpson sketch that look alike with the provided illustration. The illustration that we are looking a resemblance with is attached. The photos and the background is attached. If you need to examine more of our previous works, you can check : https://www.instagram.com/turnedyellow/
Then, you need to send us your final work via e-mail: career@artofyellow.com



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