Amazon Freelance Post-Editors/Translators- DE-SV

Status: Öppet för bud  
Skapat av: AmazonFreelance Sweden (2019-03-12)
Projektutförare: Inget bud är ännu accepterat
Deadline: Så fort som möjligt (ingen satt deadline)
Antal bud: Inga bud
Översättning/journalistik: Svenska, Tyska


Are you looking to collaborate with one of the fastest-growing and most innovative e-commerce businesses? Freelance as a post-editor/translator for Amazon and help us expand our product selection across our platforms.

If you are interested, please click on this link and fill in the online application form :

Should you have any question, please reach out to us by email mentioning your language pair in the subject email to :

The role :

We are looking for native speakers of Swedish to collaborate with us as freelancers. You will be responsible for post-editing, translating and proofreading product descriptions to make them available to Amazon customers in their local language. You will mostly focus on post-editing projects on the long term. Using only our online web editor, you will ensure that human and machine-generated translations meet Amazon's specific style guides and internal standards for product detail pages.

The rate we pay is calculated on a project-by-project basis.

So what are you waiting for? Put your language skills into action and start freelancing for Amazon today



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